Tuesday, March 23

Updates! KamikazeCon woooo!

First: go check out the latest Steampunk World's Fair promo:

Second, after a crazy weekend including cosplayers, crossplayers, comedians, voice actors, Power Rangers, and missed flights in New Jersey, we all arrived back in New England safe and sound from an AMAZING time at KamikazeCon.

This was a small convention compared to the average New England con we attend, but man you would never have known it. The quality of cosplay was insanely good!! The staff was super professional. Wow!

And the events coordinators were wonderful too. Thank you Ojy for inviting us, and thank you to the con chair Mark for having us!

Thanks to Uncle Yo, Jia Jems, Rocieru, Sly, and the other guests who hung out with us this past weekend. And thank you to the staffers who made us feel so at home, especially Alan, Jeremy, Yuki, and Mia.

If you are in Houston, TX next year when Kamikaze is happening... don't miss it!

...and go eat at Chuy's cause it's freakin' tasty Mexican food. BEST. SALSA. EVARRR! Queso was tastilicious too.

Here's a quick run down of the weekend:

Arrived in Houston, driven around by a Maine-native!
Ate at the con chair's chinese buffet restaurant: totally decimated by the GIANT cups of soda.
Driven around to get decorations for Friday's dance- they all turned out excellent.
Went back to pass the heck out, but then got invited to go grab dinner with the other guests...
Who can pass that up!
Went to Chuy's, hung out with Jia and Rocieru and Sly, and Robert and Alan. Had amazing chips and salsa and queso.
Passed out back at the hotel.
Woke up! Ran around. Hosted two panels.
Sat at the table for only a couple hours, cause we wanted to run off and get ready for stuff.
Got some dinner, and then started pulling together the decorations for the dance.
Decorations = win
The music... we tried! But were not equipped for a ballroom/formal dance, but at least we were able to attempt to save the day. Wish we had been able to save the day :(
Went to hear the Brothers Ayers, Clarine Harp, and Samantha Harte tell hilarious uncensored con stories.
Try to find food... end up finding IHOP. Works for Lucretia, Cap, and I! General passes out back at the room instead. Night, General!
Then, we all went to bed too.
Wake up for Lucretia, to attend the panel Rocieru asked her to help out on about crossplay. Lucretia does a great job. And it was excellent hearing her and Roci and Sly talking about these things.
Then, run our media panel. I don't know why but this time I had a particularly good time at this panel.
Then... attend Jia's panel on her cosplay and Cosplay.com. She is AMAZING. Seriously, look up Jia Jems. I love that she cosplays Leloo and Jean Grey especially.
Then table it up for a little while! Before heading to the Cosplay Masquerade. Turns out, they need us to help judge. Woot!
Head off to judge the Masquerade, the four of us with Jia, Roci, Sly, and then our other new friend of the event Uncle Yo is hosting!
So, this was the first cosplay event I had attended and I have to say... sitting up front and not waiting in line is a good plan. But wow, the level of amazing cosplay outfits was insane.
While we deliberate on winners (not a hard process this time as it turns out we were all on the same page) Johnny Yong Bosh's band "Eyeshine" plays for the crowd. The second Black Ranger!! Vash the Stampede himself! So much fun!
Then he asked, ever so nicely, if he could play another song if we were done. Yeah, like we're gonna say NO to Johnny? I think not.
Then, the winners were announced, they were great. But the most Texan Master Chief stole our hearts when he won Best in Show. I think the whole audience wanted to hug that guy by the time he stepped off the stage. :D
And after....
No, after we tried to party. But Texas blue laws say no sales of alcohol after 9pm. Le sigh.
So that's okay, we were heading to dinner anyway again at Chuy's. With Uncle Yo, Jia, Roci, Sly, and Jeremy and Harley from guest relations. Another good time had by all!
Then 'Cretia, Cap, myself, and Uncle Yo headed off to the hot tub... but the hot tub wasn't working, so we went semi-swimming. More like wading in the warm actually-in-the-building-end of the pool as opposed to the really-cold-outside-the-building end.
Then we went to sleeeep. Cause the General was off with Jia and the Brothers Ayers and we couldn't find the room. BOOO! Jia was leaving at 8am too. Sorry we missed you, Jia!
Sunday, our last day, we woke up and hung around a bit with Uncle Yo. I set up the table for about an hour, if for no other reason than to have a central meeting point (and to try to lighten the load for the return flights!)
Had to get going for the airport with Yuki and Christin. Said our goodbyes, people seemed to want to know if we were coming back next year. We shall see! We had a great time, so that much is in our favor and theirs. ^_^
Got on the plane no problem...
Got to New Jersey no problem...
But Jersey wuvs you, you understand? And the airport was hot as hell. And then they moved the gate from 20 to 25 without announcing it more than once- and definitely not during the almost two hours we were in that terminal waiting. >.<
So now we're stuck in Newark. Next flight to Manchester- where our checked luggage is off to- isnt till 8am.
But we work some things out, and Jeff Mach lets us borrow his car for the next few days. (TANK YOU, JEFF!) We were so lucky he lived like 25 minutes away from that airport.
We hit a diner first, then make the 4.5 hour drive to Boston so Lucretia won't miss work and get fired!
Finally get to the Generals and pass out for about 8 hours.
Make the drive to Manchester. Have a little trouble getting all our luggage because Lucretia is not there- at work- but finally get to take the luggage so General and I can get the few things we put in her bag out.
Haha, ten minutes later guess who shows up? Lucretia. We couldn't get in touch with her because her phone was off. But calls me from the airport.
We all meet up, make the exchanges, and then Cap and I head off to the Icarus! Which we are at now.

So... over all KamikazeCon was a win. A very much win. ^_^

See you all at I-CON 29 this weekend. Firday we have our "Angel" fan panel (we're excited: we hadnt realized Charisma Carpenter is at the event this year!!) and "Being Dreadful". Then a few other events on Saturday. Not sure we have anything on Sunday...

And then Anime Boston next weekend! We have a table in Artists Alley (#14) and hope to gather with the steampunks for photo ops with everyone at 5pm on Friday in the courtyard like last year.

Much love,


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