Sunday, November 15

We are oh so bad at documentation.

We just attended another event, and took ONE single picture, and have not said word one about what happened there.

So I am making a resolution right now to post more about our projects and events here. I will try to adhere to this as much as possible over the next few months, seeing if that helps us at all.

I will also try to get more pictures taken. We see a bunch of fantastic things at these cons, and we never post any of them. We need to share them more.

We will start by posting about a woman who makes the most fantastic looking key pendants we have seen!
Silver Owl Creations, by Kendra Tornheim.

We only saw her pendants in person, and they were amazing! All hand wrapped metal around refurbished keys she purchases from a retired blind locksmith. Sounds like the beginning of a story, doesn't it?
She does a fantastic job, and we wanted to push her work a bit. Whisper will be annoyed that I beat her to the punch on posting...guess I am winning!

So, starting next weekend at AAC, we will be making a greater attempt to document and take pictures of all the happenings at the cons and fairs.

Oh, and we might have some very exciting news coming out in the next week or two...stay tuned!

Wish us luck!

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