Wednesday, November 4


Yet again, Steampunk Magazine is being assaulted by the state. Or at least the police. They raided the home of one of the founders of steampunk magazine, accusing them of leading riots and using twitter to tell people where the police were during protests.

They confiscated everything from Steampunk Magazine prints, Toys, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer dvd's.
So, just to recap, if you own Buffy Dvd's, use Twitter, and read steampunk magazine, that is enough to destroy your home and accuse you as enemies of the state.

Go read, and if you can offer aid, please do. Even if all you can do is spread the information! Post wherever you can, or just send out e-mails.
Steampunk Magazine is something I personally endorse. I cannot speak for the dreadfuls, but for myself. I identify with a lot of the goals and ideas in this magazine, and it is solely rsponsible for my ongoing love of the subculture. It's appauling that this could happen, and even more terrible that people like me are being harassed for simply owning these things, and participating in something they are passionate about.

Again, please repost, or e-mail...anything to get the word out. I am at a loss of what else I can do right now, beyond putting word out. Just keep the signal going.


Apparently it was already dealt with, and my post came a day too late. Here is the latest information:


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  1. Cap i whole heartedly agree.i have made a disscussion on the Empire called ALL Steampunks should read this.


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