Wednesday, October 14

So THAT'S what a waist coat is!!!

I just found a site that is specifically about New England History, Fashion, and Daily life. It goes all the way back to the 1700's, and has a lot of nifty features.
But most impressive to me is the layer by later 'Dress Up' feature, which also explains what each article of clothing was, how it was worn, and why it was worn.

I highly recommend it as a great way to start looking into period clothing and 'Steampunk' styles. Mostly because steampunk even rebels against the common styles of the period, so it is rather good to know what WAS commonplace and how to use it. Just so you can alter it later!

Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: I am a moron, and forgot to post the link. WHY DID NOBODY SAY ANYTHING?!!?
here it is!

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