Thursday, October 22

"I killed all the disciples in a frenzied knife attack."

So, I have to go to the woods now. But I have something I wanted to share a bit of. Some of you may know these guys, and I may have shown you the video before, but I figured I should share the wealth a little more and post it here!

These are the 'Tiger Lilies', and they are singing 'Bully Boys' and 'Snip Snip' off of their album and play 'Shockheaded Peter."
Basically, it is a cabaret inspired thesis on how to kill and torture little children.
Highly recommended!!!

Have fun with it, kiddies!


  1. Der Struwwelpeter was actually a book first. It was written by a german dentist in 1845 who was trying to set an example for his kid. The play is actually strikingly similar to the book, right down to some of the imagery.
    Ah, the things one learns in college. We were studying it right around the time it was playing in nyc, so me and some friends went to see it on spring break. It was, um... killer.

  2. Oh, I am well aware it was a book first. I have seen pages from it (thought never read the book myself) I just wanted to post about the play and the music.


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