Sunday, July 19

First weekend of a Ren Faire, check!

I wish I had more access to the internet. I often find myself cramming all my work into a few short hours on someone else's computer, and then I don't have time to be all eloquent and engaging on the blog. It makes my travels sound far less interesting to be all "did this, this, this and then this", when I know I could be talking in much more detail, actually helping you *care* about what I am doing. I used to be so good at doing this, but I guess it helped that I had all the time in the world to craft my words juuuust right.

But I shall say this: Day 100 is next Saturday. The 100th day of being on the road in the Icarus doing this. And I know that, if it were not for the lot of you, this would have been more than 100 times harder, down-right unbearable at times, and we likely may have failed if it wasn't for the charity of you few who have donated to us. And we're not just talking monetarily here- you have opened your homes to us, your driveways, showers, laundry; you have fed us! You have helped us to keep going, bringing steampunk all over New England, and given me something very precious: a chance at loving who I am and what I do.

Please know that I can never thank you enough.


This past weekend, we worked our first Renaissance Faire. I had never been to a Ren Faire before. Being behind the scenes, it was a lot like the Woods. Only in a semi-specific time period. Midsummer Magick is pretty relaxed on its time period, after all.

It was a GREAT time.

I hope you all will join us at some point. Badger- I never saw you on Saturday, did you make it?

The Faire, I believe, did twice the patronage I think they were expecting. ^_^ They are now looking to find ways to get more *parking*. Ha! Awesome dilemma, eh?

And the weekend of wrong (August 1st and 2nd) I think we're going to have a pretty good showing of at least cast participation in the steampunk vein. I hope my fellow steampunks will have a chance to come do this wackiness with us!

Highlights of the weekend for me:

When we realized the shtick we wanted to do would interfere with a vendor, we changed things up to be "catch-and-release" hunters of magical creatures. Kiri, the fairie, played along so nicely! We love her. ^_^

The Queen!! He is fantastic!

The Mad Black Bard has stolen my brain space! I can't get "The Johnny Jump-up" out of my head, and I am loving it. :D

Finally understanding Daniel GreenWolf's t-shirts. That man is awesome. And death-defying! Gid, Edward: you two need to come meet Danny and his brother Jim at some point. So that the world can explode.

Rufus.... and his inappropriate joke of the weekend, so good! Ask me some time and I will tell you.

All of the shows we caught were great- and Cap, Rapture, and myself had an even better time getting more patrons over to the smaller shows. It made us feel helpful and useful. One fairy tale teller, Shannon, was so happy we were there! heh

Next weekend, I hope to see The Rennymooners (the fine folks who we are staying with), the Bardic Circle and Battle, and do a bit more game hunting.

We are going to do multiple little character things, I think. Sort of jacks of weird trades.

Ah, and I am starting to learn some palmistry from Kathy. I am happy about that. And taking it slowly. Zack, the elvin gamesmaster, is awesome, and read my animal stones last night. That was wicked cool. I love stone work; love animals; and love all forms of divination- how is this a bad plan!? Starwolf, Kathy's husband, was talking to me about I-Ching, an ancient Chinese divination using coins, and that also piqued my interest.

I received a few compliments on my outfit, and that is a nice little ego booster. ^_^ Plus, we have made friends with a few more people, like Brenda and her daughter Brianna, and Cassie. We really met a lot of great people.

And we're very happy we were here to help MSM start out on her first steps.

But Cap and I are back now at Carli and Matt's, after an incident involving the RV that made us paranoid. So we will have internet access and- more importantly- electricity! Because that means... I can make my craft stuff for CT-con! Awesome.

I should... go see how people are doing in the hot tub. Daniel and Cap seem to have hit it off, and I wonder what craziness they have been talking about for the last hour or so. ^_^

Much love,


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