Sunday, July 26

battered and torn

We are oh so bad at this "we should vlog!" thing.
We keep pushing it back because we have been so busy and tired.

But, we have a facebook now.

hopefully that works.

I need a nap. Dear lord. I need to rest, and then I need to eat. Then I need to get ready for connecticon and the last weekend of faire. It is going to be busy. ugh.

I should try and get some of the DJ software so I can mix our playlist together. But I want to use mixmeister pro or mixmiester fusion. I found a download for them, but last time I used it, something was wrong with the download, and it couldn't open properly. i had to remove the hardware. Lets see if I can't fix that.

My head is swimming. I am frustrated, tired, and getting a little down. I'll have to come back and make a proper update sometime soon.


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