Sunday, June 14

Docked in Maine

So...Being stationary for the next week leading up to portcon. Decided to put a little update in here.

Icarus is running a lot better than before. Ethan did some good for her. But we still stall when we first start the Icarus sometimes. It has not happened once we start moving. She seems to get stronger once she moves. But while we are not moving, starting her up has the peril of her turning off and giving me a heart attack.
So Icarus is slowly getting better...but we don't know what is wrong with her now. The vacuum tubes were replaced, as well as the breather valve. He also apparently fixed a few things that weren't attached or all in all, she is improved. Just still stalling. Oi.

In other news, We will be working Portcon this weekend, and hopefully making the money that will carry us down to connecticut. We were hoping for a breif layover in Massachusetts on the 27th. That is the Birthday of the Icarus (as a concept and an airship) and we want to do something for it. Coincidentally, HUMANWINE is going to be doing a two hour set in Boston that night. We aim to set aside the 14 dollars a piece so we can go in and see this show. Haven't seen them in forever. I am dying to hear some of their 'live only' songs.

I should also finish writing y responses to ajah. She is someone on the west coast that is doing a thesis of some kind on Steampunk as a Culture. I've been writing for a while to respond to her, and I think I am getting some good things out...I just don't want to flood her with information...or senseless words. I have a knack for that.
This is the strange will either know me to Talk your ear off, or I will be the quietest person you know. I could blame blarney, but that was years ago, and that would mean it has a delayed effect.

Well, I am going to go eat and bathe...then I am going to spend the week finishing my costume and hopefully getting things done on the Icarus. We shall see.



  1. Well then, I hope to see you at the show on the 27th! Don't forget, if you're passing though MA anyway, earlier that day is the steampunk picnic at forest park in Springfield. That's where I'll be in the morning/early afternoon, then I'm heading to Boston for the show.


    I have just gotten an e-mail thingy that says you get prizes for showing up as members of vinland...I think I want to make a costume for that! We'll have to talk about when we will be down. We may wind up staying near boston with a friend, just to save money. But if it isn't a concern (fingers crossed) we may try and make it out long as we can get a ride in with you.
    We'll see how it goes this weekend.


  3. oh shit I missed that part of the newsletter! I'm sure I have something that will pass for a seafarer.
    If you need me call, email, whatev.


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