Monday, June 29

Connecticut; Icarus troubles; and tales from the road!

Hey guy, if there's anyone who is in Connecticut who will be around in the next 2 weeks or so, please let me know! We are looking for places to stop along our way for a night or two, where we can park our 25ft RV (and maybe shower? ^_^)

Let me know! You can email whispermerlot at yahoo We don't always have access to the internet, but I WILL get any email in a day or so.


Oh, right, and the Icarus' birthday was on Saturday.

The S.S. Icarus was born in name over text messages between myself and the Captain. We had already decided on The Penny Dreadfuls long before actually naming the ship. ^_^

The actual Icarus is having trouble.


Seriously, what else is new, right? heh

But, yeah, we need to rebuild the carborator according to the guy who helped us push the RV out of the middle of an intersection in Milford, MA last night.

Captain's on Craigslist as we speak, looking for temp jobs and one day jobs down in CT for us. So, fingers crossed!


In other news, we went to HUMANWINE on Saturday night. It was a good time! Jess, from Mass Steam, was there; and The General and Gid were able to come with us too! (Us being the Captain, myself, and a friend of his, Ryan.)

PortCon was a good time as well. ^_^

We got an impromptu LARP game going with the help of Mike, a friend we met at TempleCon back in February. We also had a bunch of people show for our panels.

At one point, we had a panel room that would fit 50 people and we had over 150 show up. So they moved us outside to the main events tent. Ba-goosh!


So yeah. We're heading down to CT probably tomorrow night. Right now we're stopping over at the Baron's house for the night.

Last night was our first Wal-Mart parking lot experience. It went without a bother. However, weirdly enough, Brett Michael's tour bus was parking in the same parking lot. Strange, eh?

Captain and I may be marching in a 4th of July parade in Willimachit (spelled horribly wrong, I'm sure). For the ren Faire. And then rehearsals are on Sundays. I'm still not sure what we're doing for costumes o.O

IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN FIND A SERIOUS CORSET, please let me know! I am looking for a corset, 28", that you or a friend of yours no longer wants because you have nicer ones or whatever reason. ^_^ I am willing to make you some of my jewelry or steampunk lolita hat or such in trade. I have never had a corset, I really want one, and it looks like at the rate we are NOT saving any money because of Icarus repairs, I won't ever have one :( So any help on this, or pointing me in a direction, is great!


And as I mentioned before, we are coming to ConnectiCon! And, assuming he can get time away from The Orgia, Baron Von Lahey will be joining us!

That means for Dreadfuls:

Captain Jeramiah Homer-Winslow
Whisper Merlot
Dr. Hugo Rapture
General Caled
Lucretia Dearfour
Alan Merlot

and extended family:

Baron Von Lahey
Ay-Leen the Peacemaker
Miss Elizabeth
and The Brothers McManniss Gideon and Edward.

Goooood times!

Much love,


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  1. if it was any other time of the month i'd send you guys a little something to help with the carborater; however, i just paid all my bills ;_;


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