Wednesday, March 18

Missing a few feathers

Got the Icarus back tonight. They did what they could with her, and mind you, that's a lot.

But here is a small checklist of what they couldn't do.

1. The gas gauge is broken. It only goes up half way, but they can't fix it because the company doesn't make the piece anymore. It IS a 1980-ish RV. I say 80-ish because apparently it is a hodge-podge of several different year models...79 chases, 83 Van front, 80's a mut.

2. The AC in the front is not worth fixing...too expensive and requires too many chemicals or something...but we have a ceiling AC in the RV that we can use...if it works. which leads me to another thing:

3. The secondary battery for the lights, AC, and Pilot lights and Fridge is dead, and is locked into a case. We need to pick the lock and then fix the damn thing.

4. Still need to check up on the waterworks and propane tank and lines. Plus the waste tank. I haven't even started, and I already am very humbled by the fact that I WILL be managing my own waste. It's already on my mind, and already looking into balancing this crap. Or my crap. Or whatever.

5. The interior lights are still dim or not I need to fix those. We DO need light. We tend to be night owls. But we will have to adjust on the we sleep when police will be looking for us and hoping to harass us.

I also pulled out Howard Moon, my moped. If you don't get the reference, just try and catch the mighty boosh next month when it finally airs on Adult Swim.
Anywho; I tried to clean the air filter, but it seems to have oil in it. I guess I REALLY failed at changing the oil. It shouldn't be in the fan and air filter. Thats a no-no.
So he started up fine with the kick start, but the ignition start doesn't seem to work. Then after I cleaned the filter, he wouldn't start at all. So I just keep making it worse. Hopefully he is fine tomorrow. Plus, this weekend I will be at my brothers house for his birthday, so he will probably know what to do about it.

I will be on a temp job hunt tomorrow, but once I get back on board I will do a Vlog tour of the girl. Then I just hope my camera uploads it. I had trouble last time.

Thinking about either writing, or strumming the guitar for a while. Pass the time and get some work done. Some ART work...I've been doing a lot of other types of work lately...I need a change.

Here's to the Icarus! Hopefully she'll bring me the change I need.

~ Captain JHW

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