Wednesday, February 11

Snag. You're it!

The selling of the Grey Gull hasn't gone as smoothly as I'd've hoped. I had a few biters mid-week last week, but then they ditched. Today I activated my phone tree, told them to activate theirs, and so far nothing. It's only been a few hours, but I was hopeful. Though a friend from my first job ever, back 10 years ago, said his mum might know someone at work, so she is going to ask tomorrow. Hope, hope, hope!

But! I did manage to get the paperwork for ICARUS plates. I'll put those in as soon as we have the RV.

Rapture is coming up tomorrow to help me get the items I'm taking on the road from my old apartment to his place. Then we'll be here in Hampton Beach (oh hi! Did I not mention? I was staying in Milford with the Baron and Smittenworth, but now we're up house-sitting in Hampton). We're trying to get a few of the other Dreadfuls, like the Captain, the General, Lucretia, and Verbana, up to have a small gathering. Unfortunately, Doc has already said he can't make it. Boo!

So that is where the RV stands today. Need to sell the car. May need to put down a retainer if the gent so decides. Oh, and I need to double check with Rapture, but I think we're moving it to his yard and not the Captain's brother's. Said brother will help us work on it at Rapture's, which is nice of him.

It all comes down to, I may not be in Maine tomorrow. I may not be there until the weekend, or next week, or next weekend. It is bothersome, because every day I am not up there is extra time on our departure date.

This bird's got to fly, but she'll fly on her own time it seems.

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  1. as I said...our timeline should be set when we get the RV. I kinda expected things to go poorly. That's how the Icarus rolls.
    We need MORE WAX!


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