Sunday, February 15

Down to the wire

The Icarus is a fickle mistress, I'll give her that. So we have until the 24th to sell the Grey Gull (my car) or otherwise be out the perfect road-traveling vehicle and back to square one! My life has an expiration date in that department, seeing as I'm homeless and jobless... So I have to make this work! XD

I have had two people mention interest in my car, one in NH and one in ME. But I have yet to hear back from either of them after our initial contact. I'm debating dropping the asking price once more, but probably not until Wednesday. I'll give it a few days first at the reduced price (took $500 off.) I really can't go much below that since I need to pay for the RV, then the paperwork for the road and fixin' her up to make the insides shinier. I, personally, need to pay back the people I owe and have a bit to survive for a while, plus for when things inevitably break on-board Icarus. That last part is the part I'm dipping into as the price goes lower. I can survive on very little, but I'd rather have a little left hanging around for initial gas money and on-road repairs. There is a point where I can't go any lower, you know?

I'm heading to Rapture's in Maines tomorrow night or Tuesday morning. It's been a nice reprieve up here in Hampton, hanging with the Baron, Smittenworth, Lucretia, the Captain; and now Ayleen and Smittenworth's girl have shown up to hang as well. I read some tarot the other night and I'll likely read again tonight, for the newbies. It gives me some good practice.

People seem to generally enjoy my readings, which I've been considering more and more as interpertations and less as readings. You draw the cards, I just give you some info on what you're trying to tell yourself. ^_^ Hopefully, on the road, I'll find a use for this skill I've been developing over the years, from not only my work in tarot but also in astrology, crystal work, dream interpretations, elemental research, and palmistry. I'm fascinated with how the more I learn about different kinds of divinations, the more I can apply it to tarot. I feel much more confident with each new bit of information I gather.

But that's about all from this end. The 24th of February or bust on the Icarus! I'm confident she'll wait for us, I just don't want to keep her waiting too long. A lady is still a lady after all. And while she's getting on in years and need a little work to keep her going, Icarus may be the best lady in the Dreadfuls. Classy and trashy, but just the right mix. ^_~


  1. So, tell me about your car...what is it, exactly, and how much do you have to have for it?

  2. Sorry...I told whisper to respond to you, but she doesn't seem to understand the concept.

    She is looking for 4500 for a 2000 oldsmobile entrigue GL
    80K miles on it, silver exterior, tan leather exterior.
    Being sold as is, or best offer.

    I believe that's all the info. I didn't respond to your LJ post before, because I thought about 5000 was too much to ask for the situation. Anyways. Those are the specs.

    a.k.a. The Captain

  3. this hadnt posted when i went to look at it :P

    4500 would be nice. i can go a little lower though if someone is serious in their offer. especially since i'm selling it as is.


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